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Lego Toy

The client wanted to create a WebGL application that would showcase LEGO's new toy.

As with everything LEGO does, toys are heavily configurable, therefore the WebGL app should be just as well.

As this was targetting mobile devices, even though the app is in appearance fairly minimal, we had to consider performance from the start. We therefore used instances to display the small tiles that the user can move around.

And as users were allowed to undo and redo their actions, we had to store the various states that the app was, at every step. For this we used Vuejs. And every time the state was updated, we propagated the data into the instances point positions and orientations.

It is another project where we made heavy use of our custom WebGL engine, as well as specific nodes, such as the data SOP to update the instance transforms, as well as the instance SOP which would allow previewing our tests and prototypes very quickly.

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