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Lobby Entrance

This project's goal was to be a virtual welcome area for conference attendees.

At the beginning of this project, there were still several elements that we had to define. Would the visitors be able to navigate with a first-person point of view? Should there be multiple doors through which they could enter the various conference room? What should the look and feel be?

A large part of the process was developing prototypes to answer each of those questions.

In the end, we realised that a first-person point of view navigation may be too unfamiliar for the audience of this conference. They were expected to be mostly doctors, and not always accustomed to WebGL applications.

Therefore we opted for the most minimal navigation mode possible; we could only rotate the camera, by moving the mouse, and only on the Y-axis.

Once we had that, we knew what would be visible from the camera at all times. We could then position the points of interest accordingly so that we could draw the attention where we wanted.

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